Bunker Sub-Committee


  • Encourage better understanding of bunker related issues for the membership.
  • Give guidance to enable the promotion of the interests of Members with regard to bunker issues, including health and safety issues as well as environmental protection issues.
  • Keep Members updated on a regular basis through the Weekly News.


  • Air pollution from ships including Emission Trading
  • Quality of bunkers
  • MSDS for bunkers
  • Biofuels in marine bunkers
  • Bunker sampling and Annex VI Guidelines
  • Engine Room Waste Treatment Associated System (ERWTAS)–
    Best Practice Guide
  • IACS Unified Interpretation to NOx Technical Code
  • Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI
  • ISO Draft Guide for Bunker Transfer
  • Reduction of GHG Emissions from ships
  • Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs)
  • Singapore bunkering procedure
  • Sulphur specs for fuel oils
  • Ship Waste Management Plan
  • A Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book – (Part 1 – Machinery space operations)
  • A Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book - (Part II - Cargo/Ballast Operations)
  • OCIMF/INTERTANKO Fuel Switching Guidelines


Klaus Stamp, Dampskibsselskabet ‘Norden’ AS (Chairman)
Bertil Andersson, Laurin Maritme AB

Stavros Daniolos, Minerva Marine Inc
Nigel Draffin, The International Bunker Industry Assoc Ltd
Michael Green, Intertek Shipcare
Peter Hall, The International Bunker Industry Assoc Ltd
Trevor Harrison, The International Bunker Industry Assoc Ltd
Naeem Javaid, Lloyd's Register of Shipping (FOBAS)
Trevor Leney, Andros Maritime Agencies Ltd
Bjoern Olav Odland, Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS)
Patrik Pettersson, Stena Oil AB
George Saroglou, Tsakos Energy Nav Ltd (TEN)
Dionisios Siganakis, Springfield Shipping Co Panama
Christos S Verveniotis, Hellenic Tankers C. Ltd
R Vis, ViswaLab
Timothy Wilson, Lloyd's Register of Shipping (FOBAS)
Secretary: Gil-Yong Han, INTERTANKO London office


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