Environmental Committee

INTERTANKO established the Environmental Committee in 1996 to develop its understanding on environmental issues and to participate in an informed manner, so that the issues directly effecting tanker operations are better represented by INTERTANKO for the benefit of its members. Further, to develop environmental policies for INTERTANKO to follow up at IMO and elsewhere, and to be proactive in approach. In addition, to establish effective dialogue with environmental groups.

Main aims

  • To address commercial challenges faced by Members
  • To address the issue of late freight and demurrage payments, discuss the data in INTERTANKO’s Payments Performance System (PPS) and assist in preparing a priority list for Secretariat action/visits to charterers.
  • To identify commercial/chartering implications in tanker issues (such as ballast water management, piracy, bills of lading) and work with the Documentary Committee to suggest how best to handle them.
  • To assist Members in their understanding of the Worldscale system.
  • To keep under review the Schedule of Nominal Freight Rates published by the Worldscale Association (WA) and cooperate with WA to ensure that the Worldscale schedule enables an accurate comparison of voyages and rates
  • To develop a constructive commercial and chartering dialogue with other stakeholders in the tanker industry

Main issues

  • Late payment of freight and demurrage
  • Inconsistencies in Worldscale flat rates and differentials
  • Inconsistencies in the apportionment of ECA miles

2017 Members
Tim Horne (Chairman) – Teekay Shipping
Martin Baldock – Scorpio Ship Management
Theodore Belexis – Product Shipping & Trading
Michele Bottiglieri – Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping
Carlo Cameli – Fratelli d’Amico Armatori
Flemming Carlsen – d’Amico International Shipping
Leonidas Gripari – Andriaki Shipping
Tomoaki Ichida – Mitsui OSK Bulk Shipping (Europe)
Peter Liew – AET UK Limited/MISC Berhad
Mark Linham – Eletson Maritime
Christian Østrup – Laurin Maritime
Leon Patitsas – Atlas Maritime
: Tim Wilkins

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Communications to the Environmental Committee 2017

EnvComm 01-2017 Update on USCG Type Approved BWMS

EnvComm 02-2017 Date and Place of Next Meeting - 28-29 March Singapore

EnvComm 03-2017 Update on EU Port Reception Facility activities

EnvComm 04-2017 Discharge of Ballast Water for Vessels Operating in California Waters

EnvComm 05-2017 Agenda Notes for the Singapore Meeting 28-29 March

EnvComm 06-2017 Summary of Ballast Survey

EnvComm 07-2017 Draft Minutes from the Singapore Meeting

EnvComm 08-2017 EU MRV Monitoring Plan





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