INTERTANKO Safety and Technical Committee (ISTEC)

Main aims
Promote safety at sea and the protection of the environment through communication and sharing experience.
Foster co-operation with the IMO, IACS, OCIMF, ICS and other recognised bodies involved with tanker safety and the protection of the environment.
Represent INTERTANKO Members at IMO and other industry fora so as to ensure proper representation on appropriate committees and working groups developing safety and environmental legislation and regulation.
Advise on aspects of safety, environmental protection, operation of tankers and training in order to promote efficient and professional ship operation.
Assist Council and Executive Committee with developing technical standpoints and policies for INTERTANKO.

Main issues
Statutory & Class
• Testing of Watertight Compartments.
• Terminal Flush Water.
• Measurement, Reporting and Verifications (MRV) — EU & IMO rule development.*
• Ballast Water Management Systems.*
• IACS Unified Interpretations and Unified Requirements.
• ECDIS IMO United Interpretation.
• IMO guidelines for the design, fabrication and construction for new installations; onboard procedures for routine inspection, maintenance and operation of lifting appliances and winches; and familiarisation of ship’s crew and shore-based personnel.

New Building
NOx Tier III.
Ship Construction File.
IGF Code & Working Group on Alternative Fuels.
Measurements of changes in hull and propeller performance — new ISO standard.
Eco-ships – Members’ experience with performance of new buildings, including the installed power.*

Fleet Management
Waste Management – Boiler wash down water and MARPOL Annex V.*
Working Group on Integrated Bilge Tank Systems (IBTS).
Technical and operational challenges to switch to MGO (e.g. LOP incidents).
Standard for on-board / engine room sampling.
Post Dry-docking Checklist (or drydocking completion list).
Inspection of COT – VIQ.
INTERTANKO Oil Record Book.
OCIMF VOC White Paper.
OCIMF MTSC on critical spares.

* Items jointly addressed with the Environmental Committee

2017 Members
Takis Koutris (Chairman) Roxana Shipping SA
Bertil Andersson (Vice Chairman)  Laurin Maritime AB
Sokratis Dimakopoulos (Vice Chairman)  Tsakos Columbia Ship Management
Douglas Lang (Vice Chairman)  Anglo-Eastern Shipmanagement
Majid Al Suwaidi  Abu Dhabi National Tanker Company (ADNATCO
Francesco Bellusci  Scorpio Ship Management
Stamatis Bourboulis  Euronav Ship Management
Andrew Brown  Interorient Marine Services
Gerrit Bunt  Exmar Shipmanagement
Jens Christensen  D/S Norden
Stavros Daniolos  Minerva Marine
Matteo Di Maio V Ships
Paolo Enoizi  Stolt Tankers
Munawar Fakhri  MOL Tankship Management (Eur)
Dimitrios A Heliotis  Target Marine
Oleg Kalinin  Unicom Management Services
Tamio Kawashima  Japanese Shipowners’ Association
Panos Kourkountis  Andriaki Shipping
Luc Larbalestrier  Euronav NV
Dimitris Makris  Springfield Shipping Co Panama
Akash Mittra  Teekay Tankers
Lars Pennman  Concordia Maritime
Apostolos Poulovassilis  Eletson Corporation
Pradeep Ranjan  Univan Ship Management
George Raptakis  GasLog Ltd
Fabio Tagliavia  d’Amico Societá di Navigazione
Konstantinos Vlachos  Consolidated Marine Management
Nikolay N Zinenko  Novorossiysk Shipping (Novoship)
Secretary: Dragos Rauta