Hellenic Mediterranean Panel

Aims and Objectives
The overall aim of INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Mediterranean Panel is to provide an open forum for the Intertanko members from Cyprus, France, Hellas, Italy, Monaco, Malta, Spain and Turkey and to enhance their understanding of, and their participation and involvement in, the activities of the Association, including the work of the Association’s Committees.

More specific aims are:

  • To facilitate better communication, and to promote the sharing of experiences between regional Members and with the Association.
  • To promote the activities, priorities and concerns of the members relative to the overall activities of INTERTANKO’s governing bodies and committees.
  • To address those tanker issues peculiar to a region and to its regional members.
  • To provide a conduit for regional members to provide input to INTERTANKO’s work programme and to examine and review issues that may be submitted to the Council.
  • To act as a resource for INTERTANKO, providing feedback, information and advice for its Committees and Secretariat.
  • To promote interaction between INTERTANKO and the tanker industry in the region, and to assist the Association’s cooperation with industry, governmental and environmental bodies in the region.
  • To examine and review national, regional and international legislative proposals and activities affecting the whole membership and make proposals as required.

The Hellenic Mediterranean Panel (formerly the Hellenic Forum) constitutes the largest single grouping of Members, with attendance at Panel meetings often exceeding 70 people. The Panel selects among themselves Chairman and Vice Chairmen.

Hellenic Mediterranean Panel Chairman: Vasilis Bacolitsas, Sea Pioneer Shipping

Hellenic Mediterranean Panel Secretary: Bill Box, INTERTANKO Senior Manager, Commercial

Hellenic Issues
Captain Erric Kertsikoff INTERTANKO Award
This award is given in recognition of  Captain Erric Kertsikoff’s exceptional leadership and his long and dynamic presence, at the helm of the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum. As a tribute to Captain Kertsikoff, INTERTANKO offers the Captain Erric Kertsikoff Award with the objective  to assist, persons who are active in shipping, with furthering of their in-depth knowledge and their expertise, benefiting both themselves and the industry.

INTERTANKO's members in Greece are invited to nominate candidates for the Award by contacting Bill Box, secretary to the Hellenic Panel, bill.box@intertanko.com

The Captain Erric Kertsikoff Intertanko Award will be given as a contribution to  cover one year study.

The selection process would be as follows:

The selection of the final beneficiary will be made by a Committee compromised of the Managing Director of INTERTANKO, the Chairman of Intertanko, the Hellenic Forum Chairman and Vice Chairmen and a member of the Academic establishment to be named by INTERTANKO’s Managing Director.

Candidates should be Masters (Class A) and/or Chief Officers (Class B)

Candidates should generally have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • They would have to hold a corresponding license/diploma
  • Be of Greek citizenship
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have fulfilled their military obligations
  • Have 6 year service on a tanker
  • Be employed in a company who is a member of the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum
  • Under 35 years of age

Other factors, such as studies over and above the obligatory or other accomplishments will be looked upon positively.