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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Below you will be able to view some of the most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world.

We would like to encourage our Members and Associate Members to contact us should you wish to use some of the background material for your own presentations. Please e-mail any enquiry or comment you may have to







Ballast_Water_Management-where-we-are-today.pdf 785.3kb Ballast Water Management - where we are today 12.10.2016 Tim Wilkins - Environmental Director, INTERTANKO Asian Panel - Tokyo
Update-on-Ballast-Water-Management.pdf 581.1kb Update on Ballast Water Management 28.09.2016 Joe Angelo - Deputy Managing Director, INTERTANKO European Panel, Rome
INTERTANKO-Gas-Tanke-Committee-Update.pdf 513.4kb INTERTANKO Gas Tanker Committee Update 28.09.2016 Capt. Anup Singh - Senior Manager, Gas, INTERTANKO European Panel, Rome
INTERTANKO-Overview.pdf 856.7kb INTERTANKO Overview 28.09.2016 Joe Angelo - Deputy Managing Director, INTERTANKO European Panel, Rome
Technical Update.pdf 1767.7kb Technical Update 28.09.2016 Dragos Rauta - Technical Director, INTERTANKO European Panel, Rome
Maritime-Cyber-Risk-Management.pdf 1602.4kb Maritime Cyber Risk Management 28.09.2016 Javier Yasnikouski - Head, Maritime Security Sub-Division for Maritime Security and Facilitation, Maritime Safety Division - IMO European Panel, Rome
Latest-issues-affecting-shipping-HELMEPA.pdf 946.6kb Latest Issues Affecting Shipping 20.09.2016 Joe Angelo - Deputy Managing Director, INTERTANKO HELMEPA Seminar - Athens, Greece
IALA-VTS-Friday-INTERTANKO-Gahnstrom.pdf 759.8kb The future of VTS seen from the officer's perspective 11.08.2016 Capt. Johan Gahnstrom - Senior Marine Manager, INTERTANKO Vessel Traffic Service Symposium, Kuala Lumpur
INTERTANKO_GTT_TAMI_Testing.pdf 1681.6kb TAMI TEST for LNG CARRIERS 08.06.2016 David Colson, GTT INTERTANKO Gas Forum, Greece
MGM_Intertanko_Posidonia.pdf 1274kb Overview of the Gas industry 08.06.2016 Richard Gilmore, Director - Gas Fleet, Maran Gas Marine INTERTANKO Gas Forum, Greece