Below you will be able to view some of the most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world.

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PMB_Presentation_Seafarers_Seminar_Mumbai_2017.pdf 625.8kb Leadership and Responsibility 13.02.2017 Dr Phil Belcher, Marine Director, INTERTANKO INTERTANKO Seafarers' Seminar Mumbai, India
SH_Presentation_Seafarers_Seminar_Mumbai_2017.pdf 1055.9kb Vetting Inspection Closing Meetings 13.02.2017 Capt Steve Hardy, Vetting Committee Vice-Chairman, INTERTANKO Seafarers’ Vetting Seminar, Mumbai, India
AGo_Presentation_Seafarers_Seminar_Mumbai_2017.pdf 792.3kb Ship Inspection Feedback systems 13.02.2017 Ajay Gour, Senior Manager, Chemicals and Vetting, INTERTANKO Seafarers’ Vetting Seminar, Mumbai, India
AJ_Presentation_Seafarers Seminar_Mumbai_13_2_2017.pdf 1868.8kb Preparing for the Inspection 13.02.2017 Alan Johnson, Vetting Committee Chairman, INTERTANO Seafarers' Vetting Seminar, Mumbai, India
SAGMAS1_Feb_2017.pdf 824.6kb Southern Red Sea: Security concerns for tanker industry 01.02.2017 Dr Phil Belcherr, Marine Director, INTERTANKO EU’s stakeholders advisory group meeting on maritime security, Brussels
Clarksons 010217.pdf 1878.1kb Ship vetting in the tanker and chemical trades: The importance of getting it right 01.02.2017 Ajay Gour, Senior Manager Chemicals/Vetting, INTERTANKO Clarksons, London
E_Navigation_underway_2017.pdf 1312.1kb E-Navigation from the end users perspective 01.02.2017 Capt. Johan Gahnstrom, Senior Marine Manager, INTERTANKO E-Navigation Underway Conference
Affinity-Research-Crude-Oil-Tanker-Outlook-2016-11-16.pdf 3872.1kb Crude Oil Tanker Market Outlook 16.11.2016 Mark Williams, Managing Director, Affinity Research LLP INTERTANKO Council Meeting, London
Complacency-and-competency-management-16-Nov-2016_For-Distribution.pdf 463.9kb COMPETENCY MANAGEMENT: Roadblock to Complacency 16.11.2016 Joyce Teng, Assistant Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific, INTERTANKO Crew Connect Global, Manila
ENOC-Phil.pdf 1246.6kb COMPETENCY MANAGEMENT: Roadblock to Complacency 07.11.2016 Dr Phil Belcher, Marine Director, INTERTANKO ENOC Seminar, Dubai