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Friday, November 16, 2018

Members' Information

Members can benefit from INTERTANKO’s market development data as
well as statistics on the world economy and the oil markets. Up-to-date
information on the current tanker and chemical fleets, casualties and oil spills is also available to the membership.

The most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world. Login is required to see the complete list of presentations.



Port Information
Contains the latest port disbursements as well as details of reception facilities worldwide.

- Terminal Vetting Reports & Terminal Satisfaction Sheet
Includes reports on tanker terminals worldwide. It is a fact-finding and fact-sharing tool for the benefit of operational safety and environmental protection.

- Human Element Landscape Database
A database of the various reports and studies that are available on the human element.

- Vetting and PSC Inspection Feedback e-Databases
E-database version of the revised "Vetting Inspection Feedback Form" (VIFF) and Port State Control Inspection Feedback Form (PSCIFF).

- Questionnaire 88
A web based questionnaire generator that allows to create questionnaires for vessels more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Recognised as being an important tool in achieving INTERTANKO’s goal of striving for continuous improvement, systems comprise:


- Lost Time Indicator (LTI)

- Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ)

- Crew & Officer Retention