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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tanker Industry Exhibition

To find out how you can participate as an exhibitor or sponsor, contact Joyce Teng / Donna Leon / Dragos Rauta for price and details. Do note that opportunities are limited.


Choice Ballast Systems

Your Channel to Open Water
Choice Ballast Solutions offers consulting and advisory services specifically for compliance with ballast water management (BWM) requirements. These include: Compliance Strategy and USCG Extension Applications; Fleet Retrofit Assessments; Feasibility Studies and BWMS Selection; 3D Scanning & Vessel Surveys; BWMS Design Engineering, Detailed Design; Project Management; and, Operations, Training & Testing Services. Our goal is to support you in all phases of your planning and retrofit projects ─ delivering the most effective installation and compliance project oversight through the life-cycle of your vessel. For more information go to




Ecochlor holds a unique position in the shipping industry as the only company utilizing the patented chlorine dioxide (ClO2) treatment technology for ballast water. This system uses a two-step process to treat ballast water – filtration followed by disinfection with chlorine dioxide. The system’s effectiveness is not impaired by variations in salinity, temperature, turbidity, organics, and vibration.

The rugged, scalable, modular system offers flexibility in installation with design options for hazardous area installations. The small size, low power, and low maintenance characteristics of the Ecochlor system make it ideally suited for installation on mid-sized vessels to the world’s largest ships. Ecochlor® BWTS is the only USCG Type Approval chemical-injection and treatment technology that does not require treatment or neutralization on discharge. For more information go to  




Introducing Emerson’s marine excellence
Emerson’s marine industry knowledge and expertise has been gained over more than seven decades of supporting marine customers. Our leading brands can be found on-board all categories of ships and offshore structures. Let us show you how we can help improve your operations and learn more at



Envirocleanse LLC

Envirocleanse, LLC, owned by Charter Brokerage – a BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY company – has developed its inTank Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS), in collaboration with Glosten, Inc., to prevent the transfer of harmful aquatic species via ship’s ballast water. With patented nozzles inside the ballast tanks and a robust hypochlorite generator, the Envirocleanse inTankTM BWTS is the most advanced and sustainable system on the market.

The inTankTM BWTS process ensures disinfection of ballast water tanks and piping through the application of a targeted CT, which is the product of disinfection Concentration (in milligrams per liter, mg/L) and disinfection contact Time (in hours) measured as total residual oxidant (TRO). The system works by circulating each ballast tank, injecting disinfectant, until the target does is reached. This is all done while the vessel is underway, thus eliminating the risk of interrupting port operations.



Kockumation Group takes its heritage from the world renowned Kockums Shipyard in Sweden. We market high-quality products and systems revolving around our core knowledge in software automation, acoustics and mechatronics. The group focuses on meeting demanding needs in the world wide marine and industrial markets with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Our line of marine products includes loading computers, level gauging systems, ship whistles, tank cleaning equipment and automation systems.



Honeywell Marine SAS

Through continued growth and acquisitions, Honeywell has become one of the major global suppliers to the marine market. Whether it’s portable electronic level gauge, a simple pneumatic indicator or an advanced microwave level measurement system, we offer the most reliable technology for each specific application.

Our broad expertise covers integrated tank management systems; valve remote control; cargo tank gauging; ballast, fuel oil and service tank monitoring; and draft measurement for all types of ships and offshore units.

Honeywell combines unsurpassed process automation knowledge with state-of-the-art measurement and control technologies to offer a complete solutions package to our marine customers.



Musasino’s Cargo and tank monitoring systems integrate our years of experience in providing level gauging and tank monitoring solutions to the global shipping industry.

Built around our radar type cargo tank level gauge, our monitoring systems give officers and crew the information they need for safe and accurate cargo operations. The modular nature of the system architecture and our broad product range allow us to design complete cargo and tank monitoring solutions to meet the specific needs of various vessel types.

The X-radar level gauge was specifically developed for marine applications. The measuring method in the technology is a 10 gigahertz Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW), provides accurate and reliable tank level gauging on oil, product and chemical tankers.

Musasino is also pioneering with a few of its customers the ability to remotely monitor tank conditions either via a 3G system if you are close to land or via satellite.  There has been particular interest in this option from Singapore where interest in remote monitoring is high.




Procureship is a leading online platform that integrates with registered ship managers and marine suppliers creating efficiencies for both sides across the entire vessel supply process. The platform serves as both a process optimization tool and an online marketplace where registered Buyers can reach selected high-quality Suppliers in an efficient manner.

The Procureship platform was launched in September 2016 and has been built upon the latest available technologies. Since its inception and development phase, the company leveraged the shipping expertise of a number of leading shipping companies and suppliers across market segments.

Having offered substantial cost savings to its initial Buyers and new business to its registered Suppliers, today Procureship supports the procurement of over 250 vessels via a network of more than 2,000 selected suppliers in all ports around the world.


Scanjet Marine AB

SCANJET - Intelligent Tank Management

Scanjet Marine is a world leading company for tank cleaning solutions and today also supplies tank management equipment, P/V valves and Inert Gas systems.

Scanjet design and produce a full range of fixed and portable tank cleaning equipment, marine protection systems, high level alarm systems, vapour emission control systems, tank level gauging equipment and high-velocity P/V valves. The latest addition to our product range is inert gas system that is used for cargo handling.


Seagull Maritime AS

Seagull Maritime AS is the leading provider of competence management solutions and e-learning material for seafarers worldwide and offers a comprehensive library of training and onboard courses for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge.

Founded in 1996 by experienced mariners we have grown into a dynamic company in partnership with leading shipping companies to deliver a full range of competence management, training administration, assessment and training tools that ensure meeting and exceeding STCW and IMO standards.

At Seagull Maritime we understand the unique challenges facing shipping companies today and we are committed to leading the maritime world in providing training solutions for seafarers. Seagull’s solutions have been delivered to over 10 000 ship and office installations worldwide and we have issued 100,000 + approved onboard course certificates, making us the world’s largest educational institution in the maritime industry.


Tanker Shipping & Trade

Tanker Shipping & Trade is written for tanker professionals throughout the world and covers all of the essential elements at the heart of successful tanker management and operations.

Tanker Shipping & Trade is the leading and fastest-growing journal in its area. We will continue investing in and developing the journal to strengthen its market leading position at the heart of the sector it serves.

Just as Tanker Shipping & Trade has established itself as an essential read for the tanker industry, Riviera’s conferences have quickly earned a reputation as the place where the industry goes to discuss key issues and network.