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Operations in Ports and Terminals sits in INTERTANKO's Nautical Sub-Committee (NSC) that is a committee under the INTERTANKO Safety and Technical Committee (ISTEC).

INTERTANKO Members are encouraged to submit any issues pertaining Operations in Ports and Terminals or loading and discharging of oil tankers to the Nautical Sub-Committee (NSC) for further discussion and action, as they consider appropriate. Information that is of interest to the tanker industry as a whole will be published with the permission of the provider. INTERTANKO will remove any references to the company name and/or other type of identification, unless otherwise instructed.

Within INTERTANKO, and related to Ports and Terminals, there are further services available:

Below are examples of what the NSC does.

  • Operation in Ports and Terminals
       o Mooring; equipment standards, Compatibility and operation
       o Shore/ship interface
       o Port policies and bylaws
       o Pilotage and the use of tugs
       o VTS (Vessel Traffic Services)
       o Port management (harbour regulation and port bye laws, standard of terminals, training of terminal staff etc.)
       o Agents
  • Loading and discharging of oil tankers (excluding Chemical tankers and Gas carriers that have their own committees.)
       o Tank washing
       o Loading operation
       o Discharging operation
       o STS operation, when not overlapping with INTERTANKO Offshore Tanker Committee. Close collaboration with Offshore Tanker Committee in all issues raised here.
       o Cargo handling competence of Deck Officers

More information on INTERTANKO's Nautical Sub-Committee (NSC) can be found here.

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