Voluntary self-assessment checklist for Companies and Company Security Officers (CSOs)


The MSC 82 endorsed production of a standard checklist for use by the Company and the CSO as an aid to assessing, documenting and improving the implementation of the provisions of SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code.


Members are very clearly requested to note:


The Voluntary self-assessment tool for Companies and CSOs for ship security is not a document which can be requested or required to be produced during the exercise of control pursuant to the provisions of SOLAS regulation I/19, Control and Compliance measures pursuant to the provisions of SOLAS regulation XI-2/9, or by Administrations.


In addition,


MSC 82 agreed that those duly authorised by SOLAS Contracting Governments to exercise Control or Control and compliance measures are not vested with any authority to request or require the production from any ship or Company of the Voluntary self-assessment tool for Companies and CSOs for ship security.


In requesting Administrations and NGOs at the IMO to bring this to attention of shipping companies, the results of the experience gained from the use of the Interim Guidance will be well received (by INTERTANKO in this case) for consideration of action to be taken.


See Annex 5 for the checklist.

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