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Vetting Committee Key issues:

SMART Vetting
Whilst affecting all members, this issue particularly impacts the chemical parcel trade where, on one voyage, a ship with more than one cargo and more than one customer the vessel could be required to have more than one inspection, potentially with one inspection company accepting the vessel and another not accepting the vessel; aspects regarding correct identification of root cause assessment and corrective action following an inspection, as well as Conditions of Class are issues associated with this aspect which being positively progressed.

Confidential Accident Reporting Platform (CARP)
This work relates to establishing a platform of incidents and data that can point to the correct root cause of the incident, which in addition to assisting with the above issue, also  aims to establish an industry standard as well as create a simple format of incident reporting and root cause analysis. This information will be shared in confidence within INTERTANKO and ultimately alert Members to incidents and preventative actions.

Benchmarking Databases
Several benchmarking databases are now available through the work of the committee:
• Lost Time Indicating Frequency Database and Total Recordable Case Frequency (LTiF & TRCF) continues to be well used by members and provides assistance with Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA).
• Officer & Crew Retention Benchmarking Databases also continue to provide benefits.
• TMSA 2 Benchmarking database also continues to be well utilised by our members
• A new database, “VIQ Benchmarking Database” is currently under BETA testing and will be available early 2010

Vetting Inspection Feedback Forms (VIFF)
This useful feedback form was fully revised during 2009 and now records compliance with the SIRE Inspector code of conduct, the process is currently under electronic production and will enable confidential feedback to the SIRE Compliance Manager as well as INTERTANKO.

Port State Inspection Feedback (PSCIFF)

This useful feedback form was fully revised during 2010 and now records compliance with the IMO Port State Control Inspector Code of Conduct, the process is currently under electronic production and will enable confidential feedback to the relavant MoU as well as INTERTANKO

Vetting Clauses
The Committee, in cooperation with the Documentary Committee, issued its revised model INTERTANKO Vetting Clause in 2009 which aims to provide a balanced clause, satisfying both the owner and charterer.

Terminal Vetting Database (Upgrade)
INTERTANKO, in cooperation with, completed the upgrade of the Terminal Vetting Database (TVD), shifting this to a new level of operation, requiring comments from terminals where low scores are received, with the aim of enhancing safety at the terminals during the ship shore interface. The project continues with the full support of, and cooperation with, BP, the opening of the database to non INTERTANKO members was agreed towards the end of 2009 and is seen as a positive step forward to meet demands for access.

Oil Company Aide Memoir (OCAM)
The committee revised the OCAM during 2009,  the purpose is for members to use it in their daily business, for example when visiting oil companies or meeting their representatives, so that the points that INTERTANKO members consider important are raised at every opportunity in day-to-day dialogue.

Questionnaire 88
Questionnaire 88 (3rd edition) remains highly used within the industry and the committee retains focus on this to ensure it remains fully up to date.

Detention statistics
Following problems in accessing detention data,  production of annual detention statistic reports globally and those of INTERTANKO members in particular, has now resumed with the first report available during 2010.

Latest Vetting & Port State Control Updates

12.10.2018 - 11:32 GMT

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INTERTANKO Seafarers’ Vetting Seminar – 22 October, Manila, Philippines

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12.10.2012 - 12:05 GMT

INTERTANKO Vetting Committee Agenda for Singapore now available

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11.10.2012 - 11:51 GMT

VELA INTERNATIONAL experiencing technical difficulties

INTERTANKO Members Vela International Marine Ltd are at present experiencing technical difficulties with their systems. Any enquiries for vetting-related issues should, for the meantime, be directe...... More

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